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2016 workshop, Melbourne, 4-6 December 2016

Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop 2016

U16-1 [bib]: Entire volume

U16-1000: Front Matter

U16-1001 [bib]: Cong Duy Vu Hoang and Reza Haffari and Trevor Cohn
Improving Neural Translation Models with Linguistic Factors

U16-1002 [bib]: Hamed Hassanzadeh and Anthony Nguyen and Bevan Koopman
Evaluation of Medical Concept Annotation Systems on Clinical Records

U16-1003 [bib]: Mahnoosh Kholghi and Lance De Vine and Laurianne Sitbon and Guido Zuccon and Anthony Nguyen
The Benefits of Word Embeddings Features for Active Learning in Clinical Information Extraction

U16-1004 [bib]: Pin Huang and Andrew MacKinlay and Antonio Jimeno Yepes
Syndromic Surveillance using Generic Medical Entities on Twitter

U16-1005 [bib]: Hafsah Aamer and Bahadorreza Ofoghi and Karin Verspoor
Syndromic Surveillance through Measuring Lexical Shift in Emergency Department Chief Complaint Texts

U16-1006 [bib]: Zhuang Li and Lizhen Qu and Qiongkai Xu and Mark Johnson
Unsupervised Pre-training With Seq2Seq Reconstruction Loss for Deep Relation Extraction Models

U16-1007 [bib]: Nagesh C Panyam and Karin Verspoor and Trevor Cohn and Rao Kotagiri
ASM Kernel: Graph Kernel using Approximate Subgraph Matching for Relation Extraction

U16-1008 [bib]: Gitansh Khirbat and Jianzhong Qi and Rui Zhang
N-ary Biographical Relation Extraction using Shortest Path Dependencies

U16-1009 [bib]: Andrei Shcherbakov and Ekaterina Vylomova and Nick Thieberger
Phonotactic Modeling of Extremely Low Resource Languages

U16-1010 [bib]: Oliver Adams and Adam Makarucha and Graham Neubig and Steven Bird and Trevor Cohn
Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings for Low-Resource Language Modeling

U16-1011 [bib]: Yufei Wang and Stephen Wan and Cecile Paris
The Role of Features and Context on Suicide Ideation Detection

U16-1012 [bib]: Rui Wang and Wei Liu and Chris McDonald
Featureless Domain-Specific Term Extraction with Minimal Labelled Data

U16-1013 [bib]: Shunichi Ishihara
An Effect of Background Population Sample Size on the Performance of a Likelihood Ratio-based Forensic Text Comparison System: A Monte Carlo Simulation with Gaussian Mixture Model

U16-1014 [bib]: Aditya Joshi and Vaibhav Tripathi and Pushpak Bhattacharyya and Mark Carman and Meghna Singh and Jaya Saraswati and Rajita Shukla
How Challenging is Sarcasm versus Irony Classification?: A Study With a Dataset from English Literature

U16-1015 [bib]: Ming Liu and Gholamreza Haffari and Wray Buntine
Learning cascaded latent variable models for biomedical text classification

U16-1016 [bib]: Bo Han and Antonio Jimeno Yepes and Andrew MacKinlay and Lianhua Chi
Temporal Modelling of Geospatial Words in Twitter

U16-1017 [bib]: Antonio Jimeno Yepes and Andrew MacKinlay
NER for Medical Entities in Twitter using Sequence to Sequence Neural Networks

U16-1018 [bib]: Dat Quoc Nguyen and Mark Dras and Mark Johnson
An empirical study for Vietnamese dependency parsing

U16-1019 [bib]: Will Radford and Ben Hachey and Bo Han and Andy Chisholm
:telephone::person::sailboat::whale::okhand: ; or “Call me Ishmael” – How do you translate emoji?

U16-1020 [bib]: Xavier Holt and Will Radford and Ben Hachey
Presenting a New Dataset for the Timeline Generation Problem

U16-1021 [bib]: Andrew Chisholm and Ben Hachey and Diego Moll\'{a}
Overview of the 2016 ALTA Shared Task: Cross-KB Coreference

U16-1022 [bib]: Gitansh Khirbat and Jianzhong Qi and Rui Zhang
Disambiguating Entities Referred by Web Endpoints using Tree Ensembles

U16-1023 [bib]: S. Shivashankar and Yitong Li and Afshin Rahimi
Filter and Match Approach to Pair-wise Web URI Linking

U16-1024 [bib]: Cheng Yu and Bing Chu and Rohit Ram and James Aichinger and Lizhen Qu and Hanna Suominen
Pairwise FastText Classifier for Entity Disambiguation